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Closed Crawl Space

Bama Your Crawl Space Redesign Specialists

Depending on the age of your home or its original construction, many may be faced with the challenge of maintaining wall-vented crawl spaces or perhaps it's become a problem that can no longer be ignored.

Explore the latest redesign options offered by Bama by scheduling an in-home appointment with a Bama professional.

Clean Crawl Space Specialist Clean Crawl Space Specialist Clean Crawl Space Specialist Clean Crawl Space Specialist

Each Bama design takes into account six major areas:

  • Moisture Management by using proven systems, materials and techniques to minimize water intrusion or retention and to remove or divert moisture from sources outside the home and from the home's interior and exterior.
  • Pest Control by providing efficient access for termite and pest control inspections and treatments.
  • Combustion Safety by meeting code compliance for the proper installation and venting of appliances carbon monoxide monitors or alarms, and raw gas leak alarms.
  • Fire Safety by ensuring proper air sealing with non-porous materials, the correct usage and installation of fire stop materials to seal potential access through the subfloor from plumbing, electrical, duct, cable and other penetrations, and required fire rating documentation of insulation materials.
  • Thermal Insulation by practicing approved material application and installation techniques as required by code.
  • Radon Control by offering testing, monitoring, and mitigation services which comply with the radon testing of all home recommendations issued by the EPA and The Surgeon General.

Plus Bama assures that:

All designs are approved in accordance with local codes and regulations.

All construction is permitted and inspected as required by law to be in full compliance.

All installers are professionally trained and outfitted with protective clothing and respirators.

All interior spaces are protected from any demolition or construction debris whether solid or airborne.

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