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Business owners and managers face decisions regarding pest control everyday. In addition, these owners and managers face the pressures of government regulations and public perceptions of pesticide usage. Addressing these concerns, Bama Exterminating became West Alabama's leader in implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs throughout the state.

Integrated Pest Management seeks out the source of a problem and then determines low risk, effective tactics. Bama's control strategies often include:

  • Physical exclusion of the pest
  • Removal of harborage sites
  • Habitat modification
  • Monitoring
  • Client communication and education

When chemical treatments are required, products with the least toxicity are selected and treatments are directed with attention to remote locations and seasonal timing to reduce unnecessary pesticide usage.

Bama's IPM approach breaks the cycle of re-infestation that traditional companies create with strategies that reduce pest incentives and assuring a healthy, pest free environment.

Bama offers the most efficient, long-term control while using the lowest-risk methods.

Let Bama customize a program to fit the needs of your facility.

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