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Pest Control Services

Pest management technicians have three primary responsibilities: 1, as ambassadors for the industry; 2, public educators; and 3, service providers. The value of the structural pest management industry to the immediate customer as well as to consumers in general is often not communicated. At Bama our technicians are armed with facts and are prepared to communicate to both individuals and groups the vital services that are provided by the pest management industry specifically, the protection of health, property, food, and the environment.

The primary task of the structural pest management industry once was to spray pesticides. During the past decade, however, the industry gradually evolved, shifting to both integrated pest management (IPM) and reduced risk pest management strategies. The processes begin with the identification of pest problems and are followed by the implementation of a comprehensive pest management plan that may involve application of pesticides. Today baseboard spraying is out, and techniques that minimize the use of pesticides, e.g., crack and crevice applications as well as baits, insect growth regulators, and other approaches to pest management have become the norm.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) defines IPM as a decision-making process that anticipates and prevents pest activity and infestation by combining several strategies to achieve long term solutions. Components of an IPM program may include proper waste management, structural repair, maintenance, biological and mechanical control techniques, and pesticide application.

The most important objective of the inspection is to determine if there is a pest problem and, when one is found, the solution will depend on the synergy between inspection and identification; one is worthless without the other. A good inspection and correct identification result in knowledge of the pest, its biology and behavior, and solution of the pest problem. Monitoring of pest populations, the logical extension of inspection procedures, is then provided in order to determine areas of pest activity, population size and the success of pest management procedures.

Another important aspect of today’s pest control is customer cooperation. Our technicians are trained to help identify items that need to be addressed by the customer in order to alleviate pests in and around structures.


Our Services

Our Quarterly Protection Plan

Our Quarterly Protection Plan provides your home complete protection.

Quarterly Protection Plan

Perimeter Protection
By applying state of the art material designed to provide control for up to 90 days strategically around doors, windows, the foundation, and eaves of your home we stop any remaining bugs in their tracks. Our technicians will also sweep down any spider webbing on all accessible eaves of your home.

Property Grounds
Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect and treat where necessary any natural area of infestation on your property grounds. Seeking out the natural insect pressure points on your property will greatly reduce the number of insects that could pose as an infestation threat to your home.

Home Interior
The Bama Protection Plan is so targeted to insects in their natural environment rarely is it necessary to use any pest control material on the inside. If something is rarely needed, it usually can be solved with mere grams of insect baiting material.

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The Monthly Plan

This program is recommended for Commercial food handling establishments and residential accounts with moderate to severe German roach infestations or rodent issues. Monthly programs are usually inside treatments designed to target specific infestations.

The One Shot Plan

This is designed for people who need immediate relief from occasional invaders such as fleas or American cockroaches. No warranty is offered with this service; however follow-up treatments are offered at a reduced rate. Many times follow-ups are required in order to bring the problem under control.

Commercial Pest Control

Bama is equipped to handle all phases of commercial pest control from hospitals to apartment complexes. Our service frequency ranges from daily to monthly to accommodate the needs of the facility.

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