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Termite Control Services

Bama offers full Damage Repair and full Retreat termite contracts. Termite colonies are made up of different castes. A caste consist of a queen, king, workers, soldiers, and secondary reproductives. Our customers are given a choice between liquid termite treatments and bait stations with information about each following:

Liquid Termite Treatments – A liquid termiticide barrier of chemicals is put around the structure being treated. This barrier works by trying to keep termites out of your property. There are two basic types of liquid termiticides used:

  1. Repellants – create a barrier that termites will NOT pass. The chemicals repel termites to prevent them from accessing the structure.
  2. Non-Repellants – are not detectable by termites and the infected termites unknowingly carry the product to other colony members. Using their natural social instincts, the product is spread throughout the entire colony, thus eliminating it.

Bait Stations – Consist of in-ground stations that contain 2 pieces of untreated wood, called “monitors”. These stations are placed approximately 10 feet apart around the structure and are checked quarterly for termite activity. If activity exists, termites are collected from the monitors and placed inside a tube of bait. This tube is then placed back into the station. The bait is designed to eliminate the entire termite colony as termites are social insects which feed and groom each other. All contact from these social insects causes the bait to be spread throughout the colony, thus eliminating it.



Termites cause more damage annually than floods, fires and windstorms combined. Termites need only 1/64th of an inch to enter a structure.

Things you can do to help protect your property from termites:

  • 1. Keep moisture away from your property.
  • 2. Have your property checked at least annually for termites by a professional.
  • 3. Use treated wood around your structure.
  • 4. Keep wood debris away from your structure.
  • 5. Do not disrupt any termites colonies located in or around your structure.
        (Contact a professional at Bama instead).
  • 6. Use sand barriers.
  • 7. Check your property often for any new cracks.
  • 8. Keep gutters cleaned out.

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