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We strive to keep our clients informed and build lasting relationships with them. No matter what you need for pest control we offer the most complete services in Western Alabama. These are just a few of the questions our customers frequently ask. Not seeing the answer you were looking for? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

1. What is the difference between a termite contract and a termite bond?

ANSWER: Nothing. It is just a preference in terminology as both mean the same thing.

2. What is the difference between a Wood Infestation Report (WIR) and a Termite Contract?

ANSWER: A WIR is a report performed by a licensed pest professional where an inspection is done to identify whether a structure has had an active or previous infestation of specific wood destroying organisms. A WIR IS NOT a termite contract as these are 2 separate unrelated entities. A termite contract is an agreement between a pest control company and an individual stating the type and terms of coverage for termites should they infest a structure.

3. What is the difference between a damage repair and a retreat only termite contract?

ANSWER: A damage repair termite contract covers a structure should a live infestation of termites invade it while under a contract. Specifically, it covers for the retreatment of the structure as determined by the pest professional, and for the repairs of new termite damage. Moisture can cause an infestation of termites and can be what is called a conducive condition for termites (see a termite contract for details). A retreat only contract covers just the treatment of live termites should they infest a structure while under a termite contract. No damage is covered. Many factors may determine whether your structure qualifies for 1 type contract or the other and can be discussed with a salesman or manager as needed.

4. Is the pest/termite spray you performed safe for my children and/or pets?

ANSWER: Most of the pest/termite treatments performed are done with products labeled to be used in areas inhabited by humans and animals. Pest professionals must disburse products as the label of the product states. All pest products are approved for use by the EPA. Aerosols can be dangerous if too much is inhaled so customers are not allowed to be around when these are being used, and for some time thereafter. The safest thing to always do and remember is to make sure all sprays have dried before setting foot in the areas used, and to always follow the instructions of the technician.

5. If we move, are we still liable for the pest/termite contract?

ANSWER: No, however, we hope that you will move your coverage to your new home.

6. Is my termite contract transferable?

ANSWER: Most of the time the answer is Yes, however, there are extenuating circumstances that may prevent the transfer on a case by case basis.

7. Does your pest contract cover flying insects?

ANSWER: No, however, many times we can handle the issue for you while we are there doing your regular service, or can tell you what to do to alleviate the problem. Because some insects can fly, they can avoid pesticides sprayed on the ground/floor, and therefore require totally different types of treatment to eliminate them.

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