Pest & termite protection at a discounted price!

Sometimes you need protection from more than just household pests. Our Healthy Home Plus™ package combines every advantage of our Healthy Home™ pest control package, along with our termite baiting service. We are proud to provide you with protection from household pests and potential termite damage at a discounted price!

Healthy Home Plus™ Pest Program

You can kick unwelcome pests to the curb with Healthy Home Plus™! Allow us to ease your mind with complete relief from common household pests as well as baiting for termites. By providing a protective shield around your family’s home, our Healthy Home Plus™ treatment keeps insects and rodents outside of your home and away from your family. Along with this service, we will install state-of-the-art termite baiting to keep an eye out for termites attempting to invade your home. If any of our annual termite inspections reveal any termite activity, we will return to treat your home at no additional cost!

Are Our Services Safe for Your Family?

By using the most environmentally friendly products available, Healthy Home Plus™ significantly reduces any risk to you and your family when compared to traditional pest control methods. In an effort to keep your family as safe as possible, our exterminators only target areas of your home that need treatment, so that no unnecessary chemicals are used in your home. We proudly undergo regular audits to maintain our industry certifications and ensure we are complying with the latest safety standards.

With Healthy Home Plus™ you can expect thorough, long-lasting protection from:

  • Termites
  • Roaches
  • Earwigs
  • Ants
  • Silverfish
  • Mice

Are Our Services Affordable?

By combining your pest control and termite baiting service, you will save both time and money. Our same-day and recurring services ensure immediate and long-term protection. We know you’re busy and that your time is valuable, so we will happily treat your home without interrupting your day!

Linear Feet Initial Price Monthly
0-300 $699 (Originally $914) $40
>300 By Inspection By Inspection

Even More Savings!

To show our gratitude in your choosing us, we’d love to offer a $215 off coupon for an initial service. What’s more, we’ll give you a FREE mosquito service when you sign up for this package. That’s over $440 in savings!

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