Have you noticed small blood stains or discarded insect shells on your sheets? Do you wake up with red, raised bite marks on your skin? These are the most common signs of a bed bug infestation, and if you answered yes to either, it’s time to act fast. Bed bugs can spread throughout your home, quickly infecting beds, furniture, and even suitcases. With our bed bug treatment in Northport, you can rest assured that the comfort of your home will be restored as quickly as possible.

Live Bed Bug-Free in Just One Treatment

When bed bugs have invaded your home, every second counts! You need a fast solution guaranteed to kick them out immediately. That’s when it’s time to give us a call. With over 80 years of experience, our exterminators know more than a thing or two about getting rid of bed bugs. With our heat treatments, you can get back to sleeping soundly after just one treatment! Here’s how our process works:

  • Your trusted Bama Exterminating technician will thoroughly inspect your home to determine the severity of the infection and to search for other possibly infected areas.
  • Next, we’ll use a combination of chemical and heat treatment needed to eliminate all bed bugs and larvae. By raising the temperature of the infected areas to a degree that is lethal to bed bugs (but safe for your family), we can get rid of bed bugs without damaging your belongings.

And that’s it! With our guaranteed heat treatment, you can be sure we’ll get the job done right the first time. What’s more, our heat treatment makes it so you’ll likely be able to keep all your belongings!

Pricing: Heat treatments in Tuscaloosa County starts at $1,500, for other counties, this service starts at $2000.

100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed

At Bama Exterminating, we have families, too. That’s why we treat all homes like our own, with you and your family’s safety as our top priority. We take extra steps to ensure our bed bug control in Northport uses 100% family and pet-friendly treatment methods. Not only is your safety our goal, but so is your satisfaction. Our services come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If bed bugs manage to persist after our treatment, we will happily rush back and re-treat your home for free.

Bama Exterminating services the following zip codes in Northport: 35473, 35475, 35476. Not sure if we service your area? Check out our full service area map.

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