The Basics

In the southeastern United States, termite swarm season typically occurs between the months of March and May. To tell the difference between a winged reproductive termite and a swarming ant, look at the body shape, antennae, and length of wings.

Flying Ant

  • three distinct body parts: head, abdomen and thorax
  • “elbowed” antennae
  • four wings of equal length

Swarming Termite

  • only have a head and a long body
  • straight antennae
  • front wings are longer than their rear pair of wings

If termite swarmers (winged reproductives) are found inside of your home, it can be a sign of trouble, and you need to contact a professional pest control company. When swarmers are found, other members of the termite colony are also present such as the workers, soldiers, and the queen. To eliminate all members of the termite colony from your home, contact Bama pest control today!