It’s Friday night dinner. The family is gathered around the table, the spread looks incredible, and you can see the joy in your mother’s eyes. There is nothing that she enjoys more than a good family gathering. The food, family, and laughter fill her heart and soul with joy, which is why you are happy to have dedicated each and every Friday night to this cause. Tonight you are having shrimp scampi, it’s your favorite. Your mouth is watering at the butter pasta dish is passed around the table. You reluctantly scoop some salad onto your plate, followed by a dousing of ranch dressing. The bowl finally makes it way to you.

Excitedly, you serve yourself a heap of creamy pasta. But wait, you need bread to dip in the sauce. You wait for the bread basket to make the rounds. You dunk your first slice of bread into the sauce and quickly move it towards your mouth. Somehow the bread slips through your fingers and onto the floor. Rats! Your think to yourself as your mother announces that it is time for the blessing. You respectfully link hands with your sister and cousin Dan. You close your eyes, hoping that the blessing goes quick. Once the blessing has finished, you slink under the table to grab your bread. Much to your surprise, you weren’t the only one wanting that sauced bread.

Ant Pile

You are surprised to find a family of ants are splitting off bites of your french bread and carrying it away. You yelp and bump your head on the underside of the table. Your mother glances under the table with concern, only to see the ants marching off in a line with morsels of your bread. Panicked, mother dismisses dinner and pulls out her tablet. She begins searching for the best pest control company in Northport. After reading reviews, she establishes that Bama Exterminating Co. is an honest and fair company that delivers results in a hurry. She also likes that they have been in business for more than 90 years and that the company is family owned and operated and has been passed down for generations. Your mother decides that Bama is the best option.

She calls Bama in a hurry to request a pest control service. The staff is very friendly and assures her that they will send someone out in about an hour. Sure enough, before the hour passes there is a knock on the door. The exterminator introduces himself and asks your mother to direct him to the problem area. He inspects that area as well as the kitchen to make sure that he gets every last ant. Once the exterminator has finished, she hands him a doggy bag full of shrimp scampi to show how grateful she is. She knows that with the help of Bama and their qualified and experienced staff, that Friday night dinner will not be ruined again anytime soon.