1. Mosquito Life Cycle

    Mosquito Control The word “mosquito” is a Spanish or Portuguese in origin and means, “little fly”. Its principal source of food is nectar or a similar sugar source. Mosquitoes can be annoying and a serious problem to mankind. They interfere with work and can spoil hours of leisure time. Their attacks on farm animals such as cows can cause a loss of weight and decreased milk production. Some mosquitoes are capable of transmitting diseases. Some of the diseases they can transmit include: -…Read More

  2. Mosquitoes: What You Need To Know

    Five Tips For Mosquito Control—Don’t Let Them Ruin Your Summer Fun! More than mere annoyances, mosquitoes are parasitic pests that can sabotage your summer in short order. Their bites irritate the skin for days and, in some cases, cause dangerous disease. However, you can prevent them from ruining your outdoor fun by following these five easy tips: Eliminate Potential Breeding Locations-Removing the standing water around your home and yard is one of the most effective measures you can take t…Read More

  3. Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Me?

    It’s easy for some people to easily avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes without ever trying, but this is not the case for many. If you can’t seem to go outside without ending up with at least one bump from a bite, you aren’t alone. An estimated 20% of people are notably more attractive to mosquitoes and are bitten on a more consistent basis. But why do mosquitoes choose to bite some more than others? The answer may not just be one factor, but actually a combination of many. To help you unde…Read More