Here at Bama Exterminating, we have built our business around doing it right the first time. We don’t believe in cutting corners and make it a point to consistently deliver great results to our customers. When you contact us for pest control in Tuscaloosa, you can expect:

  • A complimentary pest inspection: We start by inspecting your home to determine the infestation, as well as to check for entry and exit points along with any problem areas.
  • A customized pest treatment plan: Every home is different, so we’ll come up with a tailored treatment plan for complete elimination.
  • Complete transparency & open communication: Before we implement our highly effective pest treatments, we’ll share our findings with you and keep you in the loop.
  • Long-term pest prevention: To keep pests out for good, we’ll come back to re-inspect and re-treat your home on a recurring basis to make sure your home stays pest free!

When it comes to pest control in Tuscaloosa, it simply doesn’t get better than Bama Exterminating. We offer both one-time treatments and recurring treatments depending on your home and family’s needs! Contact us today for more information and to set up an appointment today!